We perform the domestic transportation of pallet (unit load packaged) goods all over Hungary by using platform, crane or oversized trucks subject to our customers’ demands.


We undertake to deliver certain consignments to multiple addresses. Upon request, by being aware of the distribution tasks, we carry out an on-site survey and prepare a loading and routing etc. plan for our customers free of charge. We provide replacement pallets subject to the customers’ requirements.


We demonstrate special care while performing our transportation activities:


  • We carefully check the technical condition of the vehicles designated for transportation tasks, and we approve the loading of those vehicles only that are capable of providing proper protection for the quality and quantity of the related goods.

  • We perform and double-check the empty/loaded weighing of the vehicles, if required by our customers

  • We provide the vehicles with the freight document and other related documents specified by our customers.


In the event of quality-related complaints, we take the necessary actions by notifying the customer and requesting the customer’s position.


While completing the transportation tasks and other duties required by our customers, all of our employees demonstrate ownership attitude and special care by giving absolute priority to our customers’ interests.