Lapidibus Kft is a transportation company; its business objective is to further increase its steady market share and to extend its other activities related to transportation.


Lapidibus Kft stated the commitment of its management and employees to quality work in the company’s quality policy.


We are committed to fully and precisely meet our customers’ requirements.

The management has developed a moral and financial incentive scheme for the company’s employees that is intended to ensure the accomplishment of the above mentioned quality policy objectives.


The primary goal of our quality policy: to meet our customers’ demand both in terms of prices and the standard of our services.


The fundamental aims of our quality policy:


  • All of our employees demonstrate special care in relation to our customers’ goods, so that these consignments maintain their compliance with customers’ requirements during the internal handling performed by our company.


  • We provide continuous internal trainings to our employees to ensure the highest standard customer satisfaction.


  • We strongly rely on effective and dedicated team work and on the importance of self-inspection.


  • We perform regular data collection and analysis.


  • Assessment of our subcontractors to ensure that their performance is compliant with the certification requirements specified in the related contract.