We liaise with the competent authorities, branch offices, agencies and with the representatives of the quality control bodies with respect to loading and goods handling activities. In the event of any qualitative or quantitative discrepancy, we record a report and act on behalf of the customer in all matters for which we received a related authorization.



In the case of oversized, packaged or unpackaged machinery, equipment and other goods exceeding the maximum capacity of rail-mounted cranes (24 tons), we undertake their loading by a high-capacity mobile crane. We continuously monitor the transfer activities. Upon request, we organize the weighing of the related goods, the process of which is regularly double-checked by our employees.



Port transfers represent a significant business line within the framework of our domestic transportation portfolio. The port transfer services are performed on the basis of the agreements signed with the ports operating along the Hungarian section of River Danube.


We undertake the direct or indirect transfer of bulk goods, general cargo and pallet goods at all the ports located in Hungary (Gönyű, Komárom, Csepel, Dunavecse, Baja, Mohács etc.) and their related loading sites.